Saturday, February 10, 2007

10 Feb

It baby time in the bush in africa now the reserve is full of new babies

there are baby impalas, nylala, giraffe, hippos and rhinos

Lots of new proud mommies, will be going on a game drive later and hope to spot the leopard cubs that have also being born and our trakers have found there tracks

It is however extremly hard to find the leopards but I'm holding thumbs if anyone wants to see the lodge I work out just click on the link on the sidebar and come see the magic of africa first hand

If anyone is intrested in coming to visit the lodge email for more information

the pictures today are of all our new additions to the reserve

Friday, February 9, 2007

9 Feb 2007

The lodge I work at is called Zulu Nyala Lodge the Zulu being a proud native of South Africa. There have in the past being some very proud and feared Zulu Kings like King Shaka who ruled the land with an iron fist and was feared by many surrounding tribes

The Nyala is a buck that is only found in the Zululand area if they are found in other parts of Africa then they have been moved there

The male and female nyala look identical at birth however as the male gets older he changes and a drmatic transformation takes place

The pics I have posted today will show the change from the female colour to the magnifiecient male
The first picture is of a female nyala
The second picture is a young male
The last picture is of a mature male

Thursday, February 8, 2007

8 Feb 2007

There is somthing special about the african bush and the sites and sounds of it.

I'm lucky I work at a game lodge in Zululand South Africa and get to see some of the most amazing sites that nature has to offer.

I would love to share these sites with you and will be posting stories on my blog about some of the customs, cultures and facts about the bush

This moring I went on a game drive and saw Mom and Baby white rhino having a mud bath it was awe inspiring the babies name is Allan named after one of our rangers

I also saw that we have a proud new mom on the reserve a baby hippo was born three days ago I will try to get some photos of this and post them

I hope my blog is a succsess and that you all we be as inspired by the splendour of South African nature